Interviews Dos And Don'ts

Interview Tips


  • knowledge is must

    Pre knowledge is must. Gather the information about the organization before hand itself?
  • Punctuality leads

    Punctuality leads to success. Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the interview
  • Straight forward

    Don’t fumble when you don’t know the answer, be straightforward to the answer that you have no idea .
  • courteous

    Be courteous to thank the interviewer after it’s over .
  • Answering

    Be true to yourself while answering the interview panel.
  • Focus

    Focus on the non- verbal communication skills – eye contact, hand shakes , no giggling or frowning.


  • pessimistic towards

    Never be pessimistic towards the previous employer .
  • No ambiguity

    One should be clear about the ideas, they want to express.
  • No smoking

    No chewing of gums, smoking , eating, biting of nails .
  • Don’t be rude

    Never talk to the recruiter rudely.
  • phone on silent mode

    Please Keep your mobile phone(s) on silent mode.
  • salary packages

    Never raise the issues of salary packages, leaves, notice period at the time of interview.